2024 SCORE Live Stream Sponsorship

Live Stream Sponsorship
2024 World Desert Championship Season

Live Stream Title Sponsorship Deliverables:
  • Reach the growing SCORE Live Stream viewing audience with over 120+ hours of race coverage planned for the SCORE 2023 50th Anniversary season.
  • Coverage includes Qualify days when scheduled, Contingency days, race starts for moto and 4wheel vehicles and all the race start pageantry, racecourse action highlights & updates plus all the Finish line excitement.
  • Deliver over 2 million viewers
  • Major viewership increase with New Live Stream programming and investment with Starlink systems, in the field cameras and race updates and major celebrity participation for live stream narrative.
  • Title sponsor graphic to include sponsor branding
  • Verbal mention and association with Sponsor and Live Stream announcers and control room announcement.

Includes Content Segment Coverage

  • Qualifying - 8 Hours
  • Contingency - 8-10 Hours
  • Press Conference & Awards (when Scheduled) – 1.5 hours
  • MC Segment – Start/Finish – 2 hours
  • Race Start – 2 hours
  • Field Updates - 12x – 15-minute units
  • Finish Line Features – 4 Wheel on – 12 hours
  • Awards – 1 ½ hours

Cost: $90,000 fee

For more information or questions, contact Jim Ryan at jim@score-international.com or Kurt Miller at kurt@score-international.com