2019 SCORE Baja 1000 Live Stream Program

Be a Part of History!

SCORE International has developed a unique global, live streaming Internet broadcast, on par with an ESPN style television show. Broadcasting over 30+ hours of the Baja 500 live. Hosted by noted announcer Rat Sult, the show has grown to include two live announcers interviewing racers on the big stage throughout the event. Live race action is broadcast from five cameras and camera drones transmitting more action back to the booth.

Estimated "Live Stream" Audience Deliverables for the BFGoodrich 2019 SCORE Baja 500 :
  • Contingency: 264,000 views
  • Race Days: 1,215,000 views
  • TOTAL EVENT Views: 1,479,000 views
  • 258,000 Social Interactions!
"Live Stream" Brand Exposure Packages:
1. "Live Stream" Title Sponsorship
  • Full Time Branding on Live Streaming Screen visual
  • Estimated 30 hours of Live Streaming
  • Brand integration in content
  • Brand video integration into content
  • Includes 36 Commercial Spots over the 4 day broadcast period.
Title Sponsorship $75,000
2. Live Stream Commercial Packages

Custom content interviews with participating manufacturers will be broadcast to the "Live Stream".

Cost Packages Supplied 15-30 second spots
  • Contingency Package:
    $5,000 - 10 spots per day (2 Days )
  • Race Days:
    $10,000 Start / Finish - 24 spots (2 Days )
  • Combination Package (includes contingency and race days):
    $12,500 34 spots

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Jim Ryan
Marketing and Sales Director

Garrett Morrow

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