2021 SCORE TV & Livestream

2021 SCORE TV & LiveStrEam

SCORE TV will launch its exciting new video on-demand platform is 2021. The OTT platform will be hosted on the Web, Mobile (Android & IOS), Apple TV, and Roku . The app will be hosting the SCORE LIVESTREAM, TV shows, films, and other exclusive video content. The platform will allow easier access to SCORE’s media to fans across the planet. Apple TV, and Roku will allow views to stream content directly to their TV. Thus, bringing the SCORE experience to the comfort of the viewers living room.

Hosted on:

Web, Apple TV, Mobile (Apple IOS & Andriod), Roku


Score TV will offer a variety of content from 1967 to present. It will host the SCORE LIVESTREAM, TV Shows, Films, and other exclusive video content related to SCORE International Off Road Racing. For the first time, SCORE will be hosting a video platform that will provide viewers the historical TV shows and films to allow fans to engage in the rich history of SCORE Interntional off road racing. Most of the content was aired once on television and has never been available on any platform. This is a new and exciting way to attract new fans. With an optimized user experience, fans will be able to engage into the SCORE video experience from the comfort of their own home. Meanwhile, SCORE can control the content, advertisements, and user experience.


The Web version still remains “King”. Users will be able to access the web version with out the need to download an application. This will allow access to a world wide audience.

Mobile (Android & IOS)

For users on the go. The existing SCORE Mobile App will have the OTT extension. So there will be no need to download a 2nd app. Users will be able to access all the available content right from their mobile device.

Apple TV & Roku

Marketshare based on streaming platform

Roku has the largest viewership share at 49% In the first quarter of 2020, the average daily time streamed by active Roku users in the United States amounted to 224.5 minutes, up from 207 minutes in the corresponding quarter of 2019.

Consumers are starting to use OTT platforms more than ever. With content available straight to their devices at home, more users are streaming video across a wide range of devices. Our platform will be available on the most widely used markets for OTT services with a combined outreach to 77% of the OTT user market share.

For more information or questions, contact Jim Ryan at jim@score-international.com